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NEC DSX Phone System



Voice Over IP Compatible

The NEC line of Phone Systems are compatible with most any SIP hardware based Voice Over IP incoming line service provider.  This means you can connect cost saving Voice Over IP lines to any of the DSX family of phone systems and save money on your phone bill.  Voice Over IP lines also work well for businesses with the need to place many long distance calls as the billing is all on a flat rate basis.


NEC SL1100

The SL1100 is the latest phone system available that can act as a standard phone system or can be upgraded with many advanced features to meet the needs of most any business application. The initial configuration starts out at 4 lines in X 8 digital stationa, plus 4 analog station ports. Expansion can be up to 24 lines in X 96 digital phones, plus 16 analog phones




The NEC DSX80 System hardware bundles start with 8 incoming lines X 4 digital stations, to  8 incoming lines X 8 digital stations. All NEC DSX phone system bundles support a 16 port digital station card.  This means that your new NEC DSX80 business phone system has the capability to grow to 16 digital stations with the addition of a cable and a telephone.  Hospitality phones available.


NEC SV8100

The SV8100 is the high end phone system in production available in two configurations mostly for small business with the needs of less then 32 phones. VoIP Capable.



PC Admin Software

The nec line can be programmed via a Windows PC either through a USB interface by connecting the NEC Phone System to your existing computer connection, and via an internal modem.  Some of the features that need to be programmed are EZ to figure out if the person programming the phone system has good computer skills and some features are harder to figure out as the terms Panasonic uses to program these features are not known.


NEC Phones

We have phones in-stock for most any model NEC system.

SL1100 Phones

SL1100 Phones

DSX Phones

DSX Phones

SV Phones

SV Phones

Aspire Phones

Aspire Phones

DS and i Series Phones

DS and i Series Phones

System Pricing

All new NEC Systems purchased from ESSI include free remote phone system programming plus lifetime support.

4 Lines X 3 Phones $749 

4 Lines X 3 Phones $749
With Voice Mail $1299

6 Phones & Voice Mail $1689

NEC DSX40 Phone System Starter kit with 8 Digital Display Phones & Caller ID  $1479.00
4 Lines X 8 Phones
With Voice Mail $1999

NEC DSX 16 Phone Starter Kit with Voice Mail   $3459.00
16 Phones & Voice Mail

NEC DSX Cordless Phone

NEC Cordless Phone

4 programmable function buttons, call hold button, call conference button, call transfer button, 2 line liquid crystal display, ring volume control, 30 separate channels  

NEC Voice Mail

NEC DSX Voice Mail

Intramail Voice Mail System.

Available with either 8 hours of storage or 16 hours of storage and port or 8 ports of voice mail system interface.

NEC DSX Version 3.0 & Pro Intramail Voice Mail with Email Integration.

Many new features include email integration, announcement messages, room monitor, office administrator.


Headsets for the NEC Elite IPK Phones

NEC Headsets

Flip your NEC phone upside down and you will notice a plug for a headset next to the handset plug.  You can purchase a Polaris head set or a Cordless headset and plug your headset right into your phone.


 Stainless Steal Door Phone

Door Phones

Viking third party Door Phone Systems designed to work with and phone system with a connection to an available CO Trunk Incoming Line port that will operate a door phone and open a door via a door striker.

Innovation starts with the sleek telephones.  All models feature the same thin , floating design, two position angle adjustment for effortless viewing, and built in wall mounting.  The 22-Button Display offers a large 3 line by 24 character display, four interactive soft keys and a built in speaker phone.  The 34-Button display is enhanced with a back-lit display and illuminated dial pad (for improved low light viewing), as well as additional feature keys.  An advanced model of the 34-Button Display provides a built in full-duplex speaker phone.  The 34-Button Super Display has all the features  of the advanced 34-Button Display and additionally offers the user a 9-line-by-24 character display and 12 interactive soft keys.  Rounding out the line, the DSX Cordless Telephone provides mobility and flexibility for those who spend much of the day away from there desk.  Complemented by 4 fully programmable Feature keys the DSX Cordless Telephone achieves a whole new level of convince and mobility.

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Phone System Features:

Automated Attendant Calls go straight to the automated attendant, or ring all telephones, or ring the operator telephone 4 to 5 rings before going to the automated attendant.  The automated attendant then routes the call to the party or department the caller selects.  Voice Mail Card Required.

Voice Mail   Did you know that 85% of all phone calls placed in business interrupt work that is more important than the content of the call?  Associates can have voice mail answer their phone calls when they are away from the phone or just to busy to answer incoming calls.  Voice Mail Card Required.

Ring Groups  Work Station telephones can be part of a ring group such as the accounting department.  When a call is transferred to the accounting department that is a part of a ring group, anyone in the group can answer the call.  A voice mailbox can be associated with the particular ring group so if an accounting associate is unavailable to answer the call the caller will be directed into a voice mailbox.

EZ Installation and Technical Support Help Desk.  Do it yourself installation, system installation is supported.  initial installation is available via email with next day response or through the telephone with by appointment only

EZ System Sales is one of the nation's largest Telecommunication Phone System, Point of Sale and Security Camera Systems distributor.  Featuring the NEC DS1000 and DS2000 Phone System, EZ System Sales provides nationwide sales, installation and lifetime support.

Innovations don't stop with the telephones.  Right out of the box the system has a two-part Automated Attendant with no optional equipment required.  The capacity of the Full-Featured IntraMail Voice mail with Automated Attendant is inherent in the system and only requires an IntraMail flash card to activate.  Program on-site from the telephone or from a PC connected to the system Ethernet or USB port.  PC remote programming is available through the Ethernet port or an optional DSP-based modem.

NEC designed DSX from the ground up with affordability in mind.  Economy per port is maximized by high density circuitry.  All DSX telephones have a speakerphone and display for increased functionality and total investment.  Since DSX is simple to install and easy to use, the expense of configuration, programming and post-installation training is minimized.

The cost-effective IntraMail provides sophisticated Voice mail and Automated Attendant features previously available only with expensive add-ons or costly external units.  Its available on two configurations: 4-port X 8-hour and the 8-port X 16-hour.  The Intramail Automated Attendant includes the call answering features you demand such as dial access to extensions, unique day, night, and holiday answering, the ability for multiple companies to share the same phone system, and the capability to dial employees by entering their names instead of extension numbers.

IntraMail Voice Mail is much more than simple messaging.  Advanced IntraMail features allow you to automatically place a return call to the message sender, screen your incoming calls, forward a message to a coworker, send a call to a coworkers mailbox.

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